Our most FAQ

Are we psychic? Maybe……
Well, probably not. But certain things we can almost guarantee we will get asked at least once a week! Here are your most FAQ answered before you even pick up the phone.

Q: Why do you have a minimum order quantity for door drops?
A:  The key reason for having a minimum order amount is response rates. We have seen time and time again the effects of targeting a community rather than just a couple of streets. And most of the time, our clients are surprised by how many households actually live in an area they are trying to target. For example, if your shop is in Stockport and you want to target the 3-mile radius around it, that’s nearly 140,000 residents! Which is over 60,000 households (based on the average household of 2.32).

Q:  What is the difference between a door drop and direct mail?
A door drop usually targets an area important to your business and is often used to generate brand awareness. It is an affordable way to get your brand into potential customers in your area of business, and get the calls coming in!
Direct mail is generally used to target existing customers or new customers with a highly targeted approach.
Direct mail tends to be more expensive than door drops, but when done right can have outstanding response rates and engagement, and strengthen the relationship with your customers/potential customers.

Q:  Can you print my designs? And if so will it be good quality?
A:  We have spent 10 years forming relationships with the best printers in the UK, who have the capability to bring your designs to life. So whether you want a specific type of leaflet design, or you want recycled paper – we can make it happen and give you the best rates.

Q:  Where can I see your prices?
A:  Price varies hugely depending on the size of the campaign, the area where you wish to distribute, how targeted the campaign is, and how much of a rush you are in to get the campaign out. The best thing to do is fill out a quote form on our website and one of our expert marketers will get in touch with all the details, no-strings-attached.

Q:  What’s the response rate?
A:  Response rates are dependent on five main factors. The leaflet design, the timing of your campaign, the scale of the campaign, how targeted your campaign is, and how easy you make it for your audience to get in contact with you. Nail these and the sky’s the limit!
Q:  How detailed is your targeting?
A:  As detailed as your heart desires. We have access to layers of data from the likes of Mosaic and JICMAIL that can produce targeting akin to using Facebook’s ad targeting system. If you are running a campaign that also uses your own customer data, this can be extremely powerful.

Questions on Distribution

Q:  What is the difference between solus and shared distribution?
A:  Solus distribution will put your leaflet on doormats alone, your brand is the only one they will see for a higher cost. Our shared distribution is where we deliver no more than 5 leaflets (usually around 3) in one drop, lowering the cost for you as we are going out with the van fewer times with fewer distributors.
Q:  Do you distribute in my area?
A:  Most probably! We have distribution partners nationwide and have carried out campaigns from Scotland to Cornwall. Get in touch with our experts to find out for sure.

Q:  Why is on-person GPS better than GPS tracking in the van?
A:  We like to make sure our distributors are doing their job right, and for us that means being able to see them walk up to each individual door.

Q:  How do you prove GPS tracking?
A:  When it comes to our own distributors we only use the best in on-person GPS tracking with a company called TrackIt. We tend to only work with distribution partners who also provide full GPS tracking, although in the more rural out-of-the-way areas this may not be possible. Whatever happens, we will provide you with updates including screenshots of the GPS tracking maps either during the campaign, or on completion.
Q:  How soon can my campaign be delivered?
A:  If you choose our souls package, then we can get your campaign delivered within a week of booking with us if you are able to deliver the designs promptly. With our shared rates we can usually service your area within the next month. However, this does vary as we tend to book up our shared slots quite quickly, especially at peak times.
Q:  How many teams do you have nationwide?
A:  After 10 years of vetting teams up and down the UK, we now have over 300 distribution partners to service your campaign on any given day.
Q:  How big is the team that will be distributing my flyers?
A:  That totally depends on where your campaign is being distributed, and the total duration of the campaign.
Q:  Are the teams vetted?
A:  Yes! In our local Manchester teams, we only hire reliable, respectful distributors. And when working with our national partners we make sure to test their capabilities and trustworthiness when using them.
Q:  How many do you share with from shared?
A:  With LDM, your leaflet will never land on the doorstop with more than 4 others. And never with a rival company.