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Leaflet marketing works, LDM will make it work for your audience and Edinburgh provides the perfect marketplace to do this. What more could you want?

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      Leaflet Distribution Services in Edinburgh

      Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland – but did you know it wasn’t always the capital? The home of Harry potter, the world’s only ever penguin to have been knighted (we didn’t believe it when we read it either..) and the home to 448,000 people – making it the perfect place for your leaflet distribution!

      With 230,000 households, there’s a perfect audience there for a leaflet distribution service in Edinburgh. Whether you’re marketing your new restaurant, a gym, estate agency, a service – LDM can help you increase your sales and gain that extra bit of brand awareness across the city. We work with both national and local companies of all sizes, all over the UK. Leaflet distribution is what we do. It’s in our blood, and we do it well.

      Booking your leaflet distribution service in Edinburgh with LDM is straight forward and hassle free. Leaflet marketing is often seen as the underdog in the marketing mix – well we’re here to tell you otherwise. With 79% of consumers keeping, passing on to a friend or glancing at the contents of flyers they receive, your chances of getting a response to your advertising are optimised hugely with a leaflet distribution service.

      Not only that, but we can target the audience you want, directly in their homes.

      For example, want to target a product aimed at young families?

      We’ve got you – over 150,000 households in Edinburgh will fit into this demographic. Or perhaps your product is ideal for those later in life? That’s fine – over 100,000 households in this target market are there waiting for your leaflet distribution service in Edinburgh.

      In a nutshell – we’re reliable (one of the top rated leaflet distribution companies on google), cost-effective and efficient.

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