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Leaflet marketing works, LDM will make it work for your audience and Peterborough provides the perfect marketplace to do this. What more could you want?

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      Leaflet Distribution Services in Peterborough

      Why choose a Leaflet Distribution service?

      They work – and they’re cost effective. 78% of respondents report they glance at leaflets they receive and 23% read them carefully. In this digital age, we’re inundated with social media advertisement interrupting our scrolling, television ads in the middle of our soaps and email ads filling up our mail boxes. This makes a piece of mail through our door that bit more appealing.

      Now imagine if that mail is designed eye-catchingly, printed on high quality paper, perhaps even contains a coupon of discount code and lands straight in your customers hand?

      It’s obvious why leaflet distributions work and produce great ROI’s. They’re the perfect way to shout about your business on-mass.

      Why choose a Leaflet Distribution service with LDM?

      Why LDM? We know what we’re doing – with over 10 years’ experience, Leaflet Distribution is what we do and what we do well, our reviews speak for themselves.

      We offer the best prices, with the best quality service. We’re on-hand to help you every step of the way with your campaign; from design, to targeting, to printing to delivery, with a dedicated account manager supporting and updating your throughout.

      Why choose a Leaflet Distribution Service in Peterborough with LDM?

      There are almost 113,000 households within ten miles of Peterborough, equating to 113,000 opportunities to target within the area with LDM’s leaflet distribution services.

      There are also over 6,000 businesses in Peterborough with nine or less employees – over 88% of the total number of businesses.

      So whether it’s B2C or B2B marketing you’re after, leaflet distribution is a brilliant choice, Peterborough is a brilliant location and LDM are a brilliant provider!

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