The stats for leaflet drops say 57% of people feel valued when they receive a leaflet and 65% of customers say they’re likely to give mail their full attention, compared with 35% for email.

These stat’s are impressive. And, when you compare mail to the bombardment of digital advertisements we receive on a daily basis, it makes complete sense.

The volume of Facebook posts, Twitter content and the onslaught of never ending marketing emails in your inbox is enough to stress anyone out. This must be the reasons why we’re finding that less and less people are actually opening marketing emails.

But when post arrives and something unique lands on your doormat, you generally pick it up and give it some attention. We find leaflet drops cut through the noise.

We’ve put together some quick tips on how to get better results with leaflet drops:

Be relevant:

To obtain the best results from your campaigns, you have to be relevant. The main way to do this is to base your marketing on the understanding of your customer – select the right imagery, choose the right message and offer something your customer would need. Then you’re onto a winner.

Be personalised:

Using your data, make your material personalised. Having a personalised approach will be more attractive to your customer, increasing your chances of your material being interacted with.

Be clever:

Stand out from the crowd. Even if you choose to undertake a solus campaign, other mail may be posted to the same house on the same day.

Utilise your creativity and think outside the box. For example, if you’re a phone line provider, why not produce a die-cut phone shaped flyer. The crazier the better, it will always play into your favour.