Direct marketing has become one of the most effective marketing strategies within recent years. But like anything else, if it’s not practised correctly it won’t provide the results you’re expecting.

Here’s three quick tips which we believe will help you and your next campaign:

  1. Start with a clear focus

What are you looking to achieve with your campaign? In simpler terms, what do you want your consumer to feel, think and do as a result of receiving your marketing material?

You would be surprised at how many pieces of direct mail go straight into the bin due to poor planning, all because the consumer can’t see the point of them. If you’re promoting a service or offering a sale, make it easily visible!

  1. Less is more

We’ve stressed this point many time, it’s simple, consumers don’t want to spend on average longer than 5 seconds trying to understand what your material is promoting. Keep your design, short and sweet – that’s the key.

  1. Personalise your direct mail items

If you send a personalised piece of direct marketing, the response will be much better.

A few simple ideas which you could utilise; deliver a hand-written envelope, include the recipient’s name or research consumer buying patterns.

Using an experienced marketing agency can help when it comes to personalising your mail items, as this process requires complex software and planning.