When it comes to a Nationwide Leaflet Drop camapaign, you may think it’s as simple as throwing some information together and get posting. However, it’s a little more complicated than that. 

Like most marketing, you need a strategic plan to reach the desired results you’re aiming to receive. Here at Leaflet Drop Marketing we have spent many years reviewing and analysing why some of our clients receive a greater response than others, so that we can share our tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Leaflet Drop Targeting.

Targeting the correct audience can be a challenging task and shouldn’t be rushed, especially when scheduling a Nationwide Leaflet Drop. Demographic profiling is one of the best solutions for this common mistake. Taking your time to research where you’re target market is based is key to getting your flyer into the hands of someone who is interested in your product or service. This simple practice can increase the response of your campaign 10 fold and reach a better ROI.

Test Test Test.

In any kind of direct marketing, testing and measuring is extremely important and should be undertaken religiously. You must always remember that your business is in competition with many other companies and practicing marketing methods that are working will give you the competitive edge. For example, if you find one offer is generating a positive response and one separate strategy is under-preforming, you should maximise the method that is working. This should be common sense, but can be easily forgotten!

Your Offer.

This is one of the most common mistakes we come across with flyers. If you don’t have an offer to stand out from your competition how do you expect to capture the attention of the reader and win their business? This mistake links nicely to the above mistake, you must conduct research into what your competition are offering and how you can compete. Giving a 5% discount won’t attract a customer and neither will 10% in our current climate, you should aim for at least 20%-50% or even offer a free additional service when they buy.

Get to the point.

Less is more. With flyers you’re aiming to gain the readers attention within seconds. Producing a flyer or leaflet which is heavy in content will lose the interest of the reader very quickly. Keeping your design straight to the point with a great offer will increase your chances of getting your audience to engage with the material.

Call to action.

 Can you imagine receiving a flyer, being drawn in by the design and offer, to then have no way to contact the company? We have seen this many times where clients have forgotten to even put a contact number on the flyer never mind an email address or website address. You must always remember to take the time in the production period of the flyer and to make the call to action as clear as possible.