📚 58% of people ignore most online ads.


This was revealed by the latest issue of The Page by Two Sides UK, based on their latest research. Two Sides is a not-for-profit, global initiative promoting the unique sustainable and attractive attributes of print, paper and paper packaging. We have been a partner of theirs for a few years now, and they really help us to breakdown myths around using paper in your marketing strategy.

Now you might think that we are trying to get you to choose offline marketing over online. However, it is important to really think about what this statistic means, and how to reduce this problem in an integrated way! We think online marketing and offline marketing should be used together for maximum effect, so below we’ve broken down what we should do with this info, why it’s difficult to get engagement/attention online, and how to combat all this ignoring.


So first, let’s examine the problem.


1️⃣ Digital Fatigue

The pandemic saw us locked up with screens as entertainment, accelerating digital fatigue. Now we want time away from screens more than ever. Now when we use social media, we want to catch up with friends and get out.

2️⃣ Overcrowding

Social media is getting busier and busier, and even new app aren’t around long before businesses capitalise on that audience. It’s a crowded marketplace, so you must stand out or risk being scrolled past.

3️⃣ Desensitisation

 For some consumers, all it takes is that little “ad” or “paid promotion” tag to pop up, and they scroll on by. They know you’ve paid to put it there, and they disengage.

4️⃣ Dehumanisation

Screens make it tough to create a human connection. It is a challenge to convey your passion, and convince others that they are seeing your ad because product/service will make their lives easier. This is also why it’s easy for people to spread hate online – it’s just pixels on a screen.




1️⃣ Be more engaging!

Getting engagement will depend on creating eye-catching AND relevant content, no matter which medium you work in. So get to know your target audience inside out, then provide them with something they find entertaining, informative or relatable.

2️⃣ Consider your target audience might not be online!

This covers technophobes and those without internet access. However as more of us choose to avoid social media, a large proportion of Gen Z are included too. JICMAIL data also shows that Gen Z are super receptable to offline marketing, yet rarely targeted! If any of these groups are part of your target market, consider offline rather than online.

3️⃣ Diversify your marketing strategy 🗞️📲

Using digital and offline together is a powerful way to maximise brand recall, loyalty and to get people talking about you! It’s also a great way to test out what works for your business rather than relying on either online or offline. Physical marketing also has the magic touch of connecting more deeply with the reader… really the chain reaction of adding mail to your strategy will combat all of those pesky issues above!


SO. That was a lot to digest, and that is just scratching the surface of our thoughts and feelings on the subject.


And after reading, if you think that offline marketing could help your business? Perhaps you have been wanted to create a more integrated and effective marketing strategy?

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