Mail is inherently accessible, allowing those without internet access, or those that choose to stay away from social media, the opportunity to find your business. But if you’re looking to make your mail campaigns more inclusive, or have a target audience that you could cater for better – we have some tips for you!

For customers that have difficulty getting out the the shops or using a computer, catalogues are a brilliant solution that allow browsing of your products anytime from the comfort of their own home.

For those with sight impairments, speech readers can be great online, but for that in-person, personalised, tangible approach, you could consider incorporating braille into your design. Alternatively, consider making your typeface clear enough so a camera could convert your text to speech.

If you are targeting an audience that doesn’t have English as their first language, then why would you send it out in English? The same leaflet or letter can be translated into different languages for different target areas of your campaign.

For customers with autism, are dyslexic or have ADHD, it is EXTRA important that you keep as concise and straightforward with your copy as possible. Avoid that frilly language and get to the point.

Colour Blindness
Colour is crucial. It can speaks louder than words about the type of business you are. But have you ever considered how your design looks to those of us who see the word a little differently? On this website you can upload an image and check how it looks from different “points-of-view”

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