It’s time to adapt.

Covid-19 has really shaken up the world of business and without adapting your business and marketing strategies, you could face losses even greater than expected!

It’s times like this that we must all get a little more creative, utilising our own expertise in our fields and discover the best ways to get our messages across.

We know that there are more people at home now than ever, so what message could you deliver to them right through their door? Door drops are one of the most effective ways to deliver a message to a large audience – which is why the PM did so himself!

We also know that more and more people are spending longer on social media during this time and many advertisers have even chosen to postpone their campaigns, meaning more air-time is available!

If you need any help on the social side, there are many amazing social media agencies out there like Cello Signal and PS London, so be sure to check these guys out for anymore information.

Stay safe, stay home (if possible), stay creative.