We’ve been shortlisted for an ALF award!

The ALF Insight Awards showcase the best teams in the business, the most compelling initiatives, the biggest turnarounds, the best brands and the rising stars and sales leaders.

As you will know if you’ve been following us for a while, we are a big believer in business success from curating a supportive company culture. And, after reviewing what we are doing here at LDM, the ALF team have shortlisted us for Best Company Culture! It’s so exciting to be up for this award after all our hard work in this area, and we are up against some wonderful competition too – take a look at their shortlist for 2023 here.

Being shortlisted for this prestigious award has only stoked the fire in our bellies to take it to the next level again, so we look forward to pushing our culture even further as we move through the year. To read more about the culture here at LDM, check out our about us page.