Why are leaflets good for advertising your business?

It’s 2023. Deep into the age of digital marketing. And yet leaflet drops are still going strong and in fact, more effective than ever. Here’s why.


Physical vs digital

Physical is here to stay. We value the physical world more than ever. Music lovers have record collections alongside their Spotify accounts, the polaroid camera is popular again, and bookstores didn’t close when the e-readers were launched. In the same way, physical marketing has become more valuable now that we’re in the age of Instagram ads and influencers!

The call’s coming from inside the house

Ever wanted to sit with your potential customers at their table, and explain why your business is for them? The likelihood of them letting you in if you knocked is pretty low let’s be honest… But with leaflet drop marketing, your business USPs reach their kitchen table with ease.

The other big advantage of having a physical piece of mail delivered is that your audience can set it aside, hand it on to a friend, or dig it out later when needed.

Delight the senses

Touch: Physical objects hit different. If we can hold things in our hands, it feels more real, and we find them easier to connect with.

Sight: We are so used to digital advertising bombarding us each day that it’s become easy to ignore. When your colourful leaflet is right in the middle of their doormat, it’s a refreshing change

Smell: No Instagram post is going to give you that ‘freshly printed on paper’ sensation

Reach offline communities

Not everyone has access to the internet or wants to use it. If this is applicable to even a small percentage of your target audience, then you need to seriously consider door drops as part of your marketing mix.

Bring print into 2023

When you use physical and digital techniques together you create a powerful tool for advertising, here are some examples of how we do that:

QR codes: Make connecting with your business as easy as pie by including an easily scannable QR code, to drive website traffic, increase sign-ups, or make instant calls!

GPS tracking: An essential tool to track your printed advertising campaign throughout the distribution

Data-targeting: There are no limits on how targeted you can make your door drop campaigns. We use a software called Mosaic to target any demographic you need, a great way to make sure you are reaching the right audience


Customer journey

Leaflets are one of the only marketing mediums where you can send out one design, and reach every type of potential customer. Here is an overview of how customers can read the message you are delivering

An infographic explaining how door drops fit into the customer journey


Brand awareness

Hi! I exist and can make your life better


Getting ahead of the competition

Yes, those other people do this service too, but I am in front of you right now OR cheaper OR better


Convincing to purchase

You might not have bought from us yet, but we have a deal we think you’ll like

We only have this deal on for a limited time, book now!


Customer retention

Remember us? We made your life better before and we can do it again!





Door drop response rates

The latest door drop report by DMA and JICMAIL has proved the power of leaflet drop marketing. According to the report, 4% of door drops resulted in a purchase-related outcome in 2021 (aka they bought something), and 11%  resulted in some type of digital traffic or brand discussions happening… Let’s compare those numbers with the conversion rates in other types of marketing:

Email marketing: 1.27% average click rate


Optimised television ad: 0.74% conversion rate to website traffic


Google ads: 3.17% click-through rate


Facebook ads: 1.11% click-through rate
DOOR DROPS: 4% result in a purchase-related outcome!
It is important to bear in mind that whatever kind of marketing you are planning, the design and message behind your ads are extremely important and will have a huge impact on the response rates you get. This applies no matter which marketing avenue you choose.

Still not convinced that a leaflet drop is for you?

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