What is bulk mail?

Bulk mail is technically a large volume of advertisement mail which can be mailed at a reduced postage rate. Mail can take many forms such as leaflets, letters, business cards, brochures and more.

Does bulk mail preform better than email marketing?

Over the last few months, we’ve seen an increase in brands sending out bulk email campaigns. Some would argue that most email now seem to go directly to the trash or junk mail folders due to the volume we now receive.

Compare this to physical mail and the research shows it has more of an impact. Through reports provided from the Royal Mail and the DMA, we know households take the time to sort their mail and this mail often spends up to 17 days within the household. This alone give the upper hand to bulk mail.


Bulk mail campaigns can be very affordable, obviously not as cheap as sending out an email. But putting this point aside, bulk mail campaigns can cost less than 4p per item putting them in pole position for cost.

Even with the price being so low, you can still be very targeted with your approach by targeting certain demographics or areas to maximise your response. If you even want to increase your chances, we would suggest to personalise your print too.