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A private healthcare company reached out to us wanting to scale back their current door  drop marketing budget. They were exclusively using Royal Mail services for their door drops up until that point.


  • To explore using teams distribution alongside Royal Mail, as a more cost-effective method for running a door drop campaign.
  • To maintain the current response rate generated from their door drop campaigns. 


  • Our account managers worked on a hybrid campaign solution, utilising both Royal Mail and our nationwide network of teams. This approach has many benefits, from faster lead times, to more flexibility, and most importantly for this client – lower cost.
  • A combination of JICMAIL data and Mosaic data profiling was used to create maps that would target the client’s ideal audience. 


  • Keep costs low
  • Give clients peace of mind
  • Maintain exisiting response rate

Benefits of chosen method

  • Flexibility of teams
  • Short lead times
  • Centralised distribution centre – less complicated logistics for the client
  • Lower cost from using teams
  • Live GPS tracking

Client feedback

We saved shipping costs by only sending to one location, with Royal Mail we would have to send the leaflets to several locations. The regular updates reassured us that the distribution was taking place as we requested, and GPS tracking was live so we could see it happen in real-time. Having a short lead time allowed us longer to sort out our printing, without worrying we would miss deadlines.

Industry wide results

For every 1000 leaflets posted, 1117 people will be reached. This is because people will share or discuss your brand with their friends and family.

Lifespan in the home:
In the medical industry, marketing material will stay in the home for an average of 7.67 days. During Q2 and Q3, the lifespan is longer than Q1 or Q4


  • 4% will discuss the mail with someone else
  • 2% will visit the senders’ website 
  • 68% looked at it / read it

Medical brands that use door drop:
The NHS, Pharmacy2u, Spire, Barchester Healthcare, Nuffield Health, Slimming World, Care UK


Working with a company that provides a reactive solution, short lead times, and GPS tracking, enables insight and reassurance on distribution. It gives us and our customers a robust and reliable alternative to Royal Mail. 

The account management support is unrivalled. Having regular updates is reassuring, and unique for this type of distribution.

GEMMA Mitchell – managing director , Paragon communications