We’re experiencing a period like no other in recent history.

During lockdown we’ve seen that the government, local authorities, charities and businesses nationwide need to be able to communicate with all members of the public.

Leaflet drops and direct mail have stood strong and been one of the most reliable and safe mediums for businesses up and down the country to display updates, reassurance and important messages during this period of lockdown and social isolation.

For a lot of businesses that continued to trade, leaflet drops and advertising mail has been a vital practice for them to communicate with households who may not have access to online services. A great quote that comes to mind is ‘there are 28 million households within the UK – not everyone has a Facebook account, but everyone has a letterbox.’ This statement is especially true for the older generation who are not tech savvy as leaflets have been able to provide them with vital information.

We’ve personally seen over the last few months, higher than average results for most of our client campaigns and that is down to one major factor – everyones at home! With the majority of the UK either on furlough or working from home, there’s never been a better time to invest in this medium.

We will continue to monitor the response rates from leaflet drops over the up coming months as we normally do and provide further updates as the lockdown is eased to provide you with the best marketing information possible.