Door Drop Report 2022.

Step aside.. Door drops just got cool!

Only joking, we were always cool, but the latest JICMAIL data has now shown that the most popular age to engage with and interact with door drops are the under 35s!

This opens ample opportunities for your brand; opportunities to engage with a different audience and opportunities to be creative and target them in a different way! One method worth highlighting as per the report, is the increasing popularity of using a QR code on your material – easily transitioning your customer from print to digital and increasing that traffic for your website!

The DMA’s recently released Annual Report makes reference to this data and the journey door drops have been on in 2021 – 2022. (We’ve put this below our blog for you, because we’re good like that)

It’s a great read and highlights some of the strengths and changes to trends in data for door drops and we’re pleased to say there’s some brilliant positives.

Like most forms of advertising, when the dreaded C word hit, door drops took a bit of a beating, but it’s really encouraging to hear that both spend (15.5%) on door drops and volume (14.3%) increased on 2020 Covid-19 statistics.

The data also shows that once the marketing material hits the doormat, the average person will interact with this 3.1 times a month. That means for every 1 million leaflets you delivered, you would get over 3 million impressions – giving you plenty of scope for your audience to act upon your call to action.

Additionally, 4% of door drops resulted in purchase related income, with 11% of door drops leading to some form of interaction such as digital traffic or brand engagement, with one of the fastest growing digital effects being door drops ability to encourage online / phone usage.

At LDM we work with brands all over the UK, local and national. Some of the named industries in the report to receive substantial growth in door drop usage were; restaurants, trades, online retail, travel, estate agency, telecoms and the charity sector, with some brilliant, measurable success stories.

There’s plenty to shout about, we could be here all day, but hopefully we’ve condensed some of the important bits for you. For us personally, we’re happy to see that door drops are BACK and we foresee this growth scaling as more people are at home now than ever before with the new remote working era, as people become digitally fatigued and as door drops are now hitting that under 35 market effectively – the opportunities are endless!