What‘s the difference?

Door Drops are anything un-addressed that comes through your letterbox in the form of advertising, promotion or informative literature.

Direct Mail is addressed mail that is posted directly to an individual in the household.

Targeting your audience.

Door Drops are carried out at postcode level, without the need for personal data or consent and is therefore GDPR compliant.

Direct Mail can be used to target your own customer base – providing you have their data and their consent.

Pricing differences.

Door Drops are one of the most affordable methods of direct marketing with the average door drop costing as little as 4.5p per leaflet!

Direct Mail can be more costly as mail needs to be sorted and posted by the Royal Mail and can be anything between 30p – £5.00, depending on print costs and item weight.

Response statistics.

Door Drops reach 1.16 people per household (according to JICMAIL) so for every one million items posted, it will reach an additional 160,000 people.

Direct Mail has a 92% open rate and 48% of UK adults took action after receiving DM last year (according to the Royal Mail).