Step 1 – Define your goal and aspirations for the overall campaign.

Without setting a goal for your campaign, how will you measure if it’s worked effectively or poorly?

It’s really important to think about what you want to achieve with your campaign. For example do you want to increase online orders or footfall in your store front?

With a clear goal in mind, this will help you plan strategically to reach your expectations.

Step 2 – Research and plan for the audience you want to target.

Researching your audience will influence your campaign in all the right ways.

Understanding which demographics will work best for your campaign will allow you to maximise your campaign response. Agencies have fantastic targeting tools to utilise to help you do this more effectively.

Step 3 – Be strategic with your message you want your flyers to send.

Your flyers are key to prompting a response from the consumer. One of the most successful ways to prompt a response is by giving something away for free i.e a coupon or offer.

Step 4 – What type of leaflet drop service will work best for your campaign?

If you’re looking to maximise your response and stand out to the consumer, a Solus leaflet drop campaign would be the best option.

Although this type of campaign is the most expensive distribution service, your flyer will be posted completely on its own maximising engagement.

Step 5 – Combine your marketing strategies.

Leaflet drops work great on their own but even better when planned with other strategies too!

If you’re planning other marketing activities like social media advertisements, combine the two channels to work together to increase success.