The value of getting your brand into the hands of your audience cannot be overestimated. The first step of any sale is grabbing your potential consumers attention, and when something drops through your letterbox, you’re more than likely going to read it. Industry research has found that up to 92% of people do read door drop material when it’s delivered direct to their property. We all sort through our mail to see what stands out to us and this is when a good design and copywriting comes into play, that moment of attention is all we need!

Compared to other marketing strategies, there aren’t many direct marketing approaches that can get that automatic attention for your brand. Door canvassers can have the door closed in their face, telesales can be hung up on, and marketing emails can fall foul to spam filters. Door drops on the other hand forces the recipient to invest time and effort to consider your brand, and if your promotional material is worthy of being kept and investigated further.

The main question everyone probably thinking right now is, ‘how do you make sure the recipients are going to keep your leaflet?’ Theres two vital ingredients you must think about, firstly the design should be straight to the point so that the recipient will immediately know what kind of business is being advertised. And, secondly you want to be promoting something of value to the recipient, for example a 50% offer discount – something that will be of use to that person. You must think big when it comes to your offer as an offer of 5% off isn’t going to get the recipient intrigued enough to pick up the phone or go online. When you combine both of this processes effectively you’re going to have the perfect flyer for your business.

Once your marketing material can pass the ‘keep or recycle’ test, you know you’re onto a winner. Don’t be embarrassed to show your flyer design to family members or current clients before printing a batch, do your research first to make sure it does its job and catches their eye.