The most important part of any campaign is the copy. You may have a unique design, superb printing finish, but without the right engaging content your material will be going straight into the recycling bin.

If you’re struggling to keep your copy fresh and engaging, keep these three tips in mind:

  1. Keep your sentences to short (16 words or less).

Not everyone loves to read novels, especially not on marketing material. Your copy should be so simple a young child could read it comfortably.

After a long day at work, the last thing your consumer wants to do is to be presented with another challenge to understand your marketing material – make it simple.

  1. Don’t be too formal.

Similar to point one, your style of writing shouldn’t be academic or pretentious. You should write your copy similar to the way you speak and the audience you’re looking to reach out too, this will be more engaging and approachable.

  1. Your marketing material should be informative, educational, entertaining or a combination of all three.

Marketing material isn’t the most exciting material to read when you’re just bombarding the consumer with your products, deals and commands.

Telling your consumer to sign up, buy this, like us on social media, can put people off in an instant. If you do have commands, we would recommend leaving these for the call to action.

As a suggestion, try including engaging content i.e recent postive feedback, facts on your industry or something interesting happing at your business.

Giving the consumer something to engage with will stop them instantly taking your material straight to the recycling bin.