Did you know that over 80% of marketing agencies within the UK outsource their door drop campaigns and don’t have their own distribution teams? It’s true and a very scary fact!

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing door drop campaigns and for the most of it the advantages fall on the side of the agency and not for the client. From freeing up office time and cutting down on running costs we can see why agencies adopt this practice. Sadly for the client the service has a higher chance of incurring problems due to the door drop teams being a separate entity to the agency.

We believe that if you want to maximise your door drop campaigns you should ensure that the agency / company you are going to book in with, have their own employed door drop teams.

We believe that there are many reasons for this:

  • Campaign Control – If you need to stop the campaign for any given reason or change dates, you can directly contact the door drop teams.
  • Personalised Service – With being in direct contact with the distribution teams, you will be able to choose specific days, timings and much more when planning the finer details of the campaign.
  • Cheaper Rates – By cutting out the middle man, you will able to obtain the best rates possible for your campaign, sometimes saving thousands!
  • GPS Tracking – Door drop specialists are now utilising the latest technologies to maximise your customer experience. From tracking your campaign to monitoring your campaign in real-time, you can obtain your campaign stats effortlessly from the source.

Now we’re not stating in any chance to avoid agencies, but we just wanted to give you an insight into the differences of utilising a door drop specialist to an agency approach.