After completing your leaflet drop there’s one main question you need to answer, did the campaign actually work?

One great aspect of leaflet drops is that campaigns are easily measured, providing vital information to whether your investment was worth it in the long run.

By monitoring your campaigns success, you can continue to build on your future campaigns and set achievable goals.

If you find yourself not taking the time to analyse your campaigns, you are seriously wasting invaluable marketing insights that can help to benefit the growth of your company.

We’ve put together some top tips that will enable you to strategically measure the success of your leaflet drop campaigns below:

Set measurable targets

  • What are you asking your customers to do – go online, visit your store or call to enquire? How will you measure this?
  • What data would be most valuable for you to measure as a result of your door drop campaign – Sales? Size of sale? Visits? Appointments made? Donations?

Store your data

  • Storing your data will allow you to learn what does or does not work.
  • With stored data you will be able to compare campaigns and view which campaigns have been working best for you.
  • Using your stored data you will be able to improve on each campaign until you find a method that works best for your company.

Campaign Tracking

  • Use discount codes or time specific deals on your material – this is one of the easiest ways to track your response.
  • Keep an eye on your website traffic and shop footfall up to 6 weeks after the completion of your campaign to gage the full response.
  • Also monitor your phone enquires and email enquires.

Keep an eye out on our up-coming blogs for more tips and information on improving your leaflet drop campaigns.