QR codes. They can be a hugely effective way to connect with your existing customers and engage a new audience. So we have interrogated our talented marketing experts to find out their favourite ways to use QR codes. It’s time to maximise the response rates in your door drop and direct mail campaigns!

What is a QR code

The humble QR code has been knocking around for quite a while now. A grand total of 29 years in fact đŸ˜±
It was originally invented to streamline a car manufacturing factory, but when they were approved for international use in the early 2000s things changed and it looked like the new exciting bit of tech.

Sadly at that time, we didn’t have the incredible mobile phone capabilities we have now that really took QR to the next level. So in the end, it took a global pandemic to really kick them into mass use.

Thanks to companies wanting to limit the possibility of spreading virus’, you can now order at a restaurant, enter your gym, book a service, and order a new date night outfit; all without having to touch anything but your phone!

Marketing that uses QR

If you are on our mailing list, you will have already seen this marketing campaign from Balenciaga, which gives nothing away till you scan their code.

Balenciaga QR code campaign

We also love this local campaign from Bolton Boys and Girls club that we had a hand in distributing. The goal here was to drive users to the donation page on their website. They were able to track the number of QR code scans, but also using their website analytics to measure the surge in users, and quality of traffic. (and obviously the creative is pretty special)

Bolton Boys & Girls Club fundraising drive leaflet campaign

The best way to use QR codes

The possibilities are limitless, and the results are trackable. This makes working out ROI easy as pie, and will help you design improvements for next time. This is what the LDM HQ marketers have to say on the matter:

Tell your audience what to expect

Tell them why they should be getting out their phone to scan this code. If you don’t give them a reason they aren’t going to go the extra mile to find out what you have to offer.

Meet those expectations

Don’t tell them they are going to one place, only to take them to a completely different link. And definitely don’t tell them they are going to a website only to get their phone to place a call! It’s false advertising, but also just plain annoying.

Create an engaging design

Without a good creative, no one will even get a chance to see your QR code. It will just get ignored. Make sure the design of your mail grabs attention – remember you only have an average of 7 seconds to do so!

Call them to action

Even if you have great design, great chat, and are clear about what to expect, unless you tell them to scan it…. they just might not! It’s human nature.

Keep that QR code online as long as it’s being used

If you are holding some leaflets back to hand to customers whilst out and about, don’t forget to keep the QR code active. It’s so annoying when you try to scan a QR code only to find out the link is no longer active…

So there you have it! All the info you need to maximise your response rates for your next door drop or direct mail campaign!

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