Planning a reliable door drop campaign takes care and counts on many elements coming together. Getting it to run smoothly can be a challenge, but we are here to make it as easy as possible for you.

When your door drop campaign doesn’t go to plan, it can be mystifying. There are so many elements that go into creating an effective door drop campaign, that it could be overwhelming trying to unpick the thing to find out what needs improvement next time!

Why wasn’t my door drop a success?

Let’s break down the  most common reasons we see for campaigns not reaching their potential:

Targeting the wrong audience

Knowing your target audience is key for any marketing activity. You want to show up in homes where the residents have a need or want for your product/service. If it’s not relevant to their lives, they won’t give it a second glance, let alone engage with it.

The visuals aren’t eye-catching

Even if your product/service is relevant to them, if it isn’t obvious at first glance what you’re selling, they won’t see it. They will be on their way out of the house, or coming in from a long day at work, so make sure you are grabbing their attention with something entertaining, easy to digest or unexpected.

The call to action isn’t compelling

So you’ve caught their attention, and they are engaging with your leaflet or letter… but now what. They read through, they are educated or entertained, but they don’t see a reason to keep engaging. You need to tell them to keep engaging with your brand, and give them a good reason to! A good example of this is telling them they will get a discount on website purchases if they scan a QR code.

Using a company that doesn’t GPS track

How do you know that your campaign is actually being delivered? We have had countless clients come to us from other distribution companies saying: “I don’t know if they are delivering my leaflets… but I haven’t been getting any calls.” Now… as we have said above, there are many reasons why the campaign might not be engaging enough to generate calls… but if you haven’t got one single call… that’s suspicious.

We use GPS tracking to ensure that our own teams are delivering the campaign properly, and within the time frame your specified. We also have a vetting process for our nationwide distribution partners to make sure they hold the same standards as us.

Need help planning a reliable door drop campaign?

Want to ensure your next campaign is hitting all the marks? Download our door drop checklist! Using this bad boy, you can make sure that your planning is comprehensive, so you can easily build on your success.

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