The pandemic sweeping the globe this year has led many governments to introduce tight restrictions on the movement of the public and the closure of many businesses.

As you may already know, the most severely affected business sectors include, leisure, hospitality, live entertainment and non-food retail.

But for those businesses that are permitted and able to continue to trade during the pandemic, marketing remains a vitally important concern.

The question is, how do I reach my customers in the current climate?

With the limited direct approaches to reaching your clients, the use of door drop advertising has surged over the last few months and it’s no mystery to why this has occurred. Even our own Prime Minister opted to utilise door drop campaigns at the beginning of lockdown to notify the public of the upcoming changes the country would face over the last few months.

Door drop advertising has seen a large jump in response rates over the last few months and the reason for this is easy to work out… most people are at home! With daytime tv becoming less engaging by the day, a creative flyer or leaflet is happily welcomed into the home to stir up some curiosity.

Even with local lockdowns currently taking place and the country slowly slipping back into a nationwide lockdown, door drop advertising will continue to be at the forefront of advertising. It’s a great chance to reach out to your current customers and notify them of up coming business changes or to offer a delivery service if available.

Those who opt to abandon marketing all together while their business is closed will only suffer further. History has shown that those who postpone marketing will only see further negative effects and on average it can take a business up to three years to get back to where they was!

This blog isn’t a scare tactic it’s just facts, and here at LDM we want to help all businesses large and small to continue to trade over these unstable few months. For advice and help, please contact our friendly office team who will be more than happy to help.