Leaflet drop campaigns provide a strong ROI and can be a perfect strategy to promote your products and services. In comparison to the overload of online advertisements via social media and email marketing that we’re all bombarded with on a daily basis, leaflets have a much higher read rate and longer retention to other marketing strategies.

The Royal Mail conducted a recent study and found that 92% of consumers read leaflets posted direct to their letterboxes. Most importantly, they found leaflet drops tend to stay in the home and are shared multiple time via people within that home.

Planning Your Campaign – Timing is Critical!

While leaflet drop campaigns cannot be planned with exact precision like email campaigns for example, most leaflet drop providers will be able to provide a specific delivery window with good notice.

While planning when your leaflet is going to be delivered, bare in mind the following to increase the success:

  1. Plan for seasons – When will your service gain the most interest i.e winter, summer, spring?
  2. Plan to distribute during annual events – Is valentines day coming up, offer a discounted service for the event.
  3. Look to plan for your campaign to land around the monthly payday – Consumers are more likely to be interested in your product or service with more funds in the bank.

Taking into consideration these little suggestions can make such a dramatic difference.