2020 has not planned out as anyone would have anticipated. Whether you have been positively or negatively impacted by the far-reaching global economic impacts of the pandemic, it has been a very strange year so far.

This being said, the UK is seeing change although we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, we’re seeing businesses beginning to re-open and the public are venturing out to their local shops, parks and restaurants.

2.2 million people are shielding in the UK which is due to end in August.

Many of us are still being very cautious which is justified with the current climate. A high majority of the public are spending more time at home even with places of work beginning to open. It’s still estimated that slightly under 50% of the UK were still working from home in June!

The stand out question which has been on the tips of all business owners tongues is ‘should we cut back on advertising as we re-open?’

The statistics show that businesses who cut back on their marketing budgets by 50% take up to three years to catch up with their competitors who continued to utilise marketing throughout the crisis.

The impact on particular marketing channels during this time has been unprecedented. Cinemas have been shut, resulting in no cinema advertising taking place. With the city centres and transport systems virtually empty, out of home advertising was significantly impacted. Facebook has experienced a boycott by a number of signify advertisers due to the hate being published daily on their platform.

This is, of course, changing as we see the world beginning to re-open. More channels are now becoming available albeit slowly. This, however, provides an opportunity to re-ignite your integrated marketing campaigns.

At LDM, we’ve seen our fair share of marketing success stories over the last few months with clients reporting a substantial difference in door drop response rates from pre-covid to the current climate. This is mainly down to the majority of the public working from home and isolating.

There’s many points you can take from this blog, the main one being that you shouldn’t cut back on your marketing too harshly during this pandemic. Cutting back is only going to negatively effect your sales and your ability to cope with the current situation.

For more information or support, please reach out to us as we’re here to help with any marketing queries.