To prove ROI with mail shouldn’t be a mystery.

And by using all the tools available to monitor your campaign, you give yourself the best grounding to test and improve your future campaigns! Marketing has never been and never will be something you can do once and that’s it.

In the same way that the Instagram algorithm changes or the tools you use to measure website traffic evolve, so does the best practice for measuring mail!

The direct (and most usually relied upon) methods of measuring campaign success, come from the following set of tech:

QR code scans
Integrate a QR code into your creative, and you will be able to see how many people scanned it, and at what time. If it takes them to a form where they can add in their details, you’ll be able to see the location where it was scanned too!

Unique code redemptions
Come up with a redemption code for a particular campaign, or even create individual codes for specific areas targeted within a campaign. This way you will be able to associate sales you make with the campaign you ran.

Phone calls
It is possible to register a custom phone number that will divert to your own business number. By doing this and using the tracked number on your mail campaign, you will be able to track which calls came from the campaign, and which you would have received anyway. Do keep in mind though, that you may get calls later down the line when customers remember your brand from the campaign, but don’t use the tracked number.

Traffic to specific URLs.
This one is less specific, but still a great measure. You can use your website analytics tool to measure any spikes in website traffic that happen around the time of your campaign, or in the months after it is completed. We like this one because it’s a good way to get a sense of all the additional ROI that isn’t directly trackable, or immediate.

Speaking about ROI that isn’t directly trackable… let’s talk a little about JICMAIL data, and how we use it to predict the more obscure ROI data points for your campaign…



When we put together a campaign for a client, we have quite a good idea of the results they should expect. This is thanks to our marketeers being trained up in the wonderful JICMAIL.

JICMAIL is THE number one source of data for mail marketing campaigns. They gather data from over 1000 households every quarter, to find out what happens to your leaflet, letter, flyer etc after it goes through the letterbox. They have been continuously collecting data for the last 23 years, which allows us to have a historical database of what works for your industry!

Want to double check they are legit? Use the button below to fact-check our information on JICMAIL. We want you to feel comfortable knowing your campaign is in good hands 👇


Visit the JICMAIL website


JICMAIL can show us a whole host of other metrics that we can use as benchmarks when measuring ROI. The metrics we have picked out below are some we think you should consider when measuring the success of your campaign:

Campaign Reach
How many people will look at your campaign, taking into account sharing the mail with others

Item Frequency
How many times your item will be looked at by one person

Attention Rates
How much time potential customers are looking at your brand

Commercial Actions
Any purchase-related actions, brand-building actions or further interaction with your brand. This includes your mail making them plan a big purchase, visiting your shop or website, or going online to find out more, amongst many other actions.

Feel confident in predicting and measuring ROI for your next campaign now? Give us a call to get the ball rolling


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