Made it this far into our website without knowing what the heck door drop marketing is?!
That is quite impressive. But we don’t want you to click another button without getting the lowdown from us first.
As you may have gathered by those impressive statistics on our homepage, door drop is a pretty popular advertising technique used by companies worldwide.
Essentially, a door drop is where you send marketing material directly to the homes of your potential customers. The material is typically dropped through the mailbox of a home, hence the name door drop marketing! What you post is up to you, but we’ve posted anything from flyers, brochures, magazines, postcards, and even samples of the promoted product.

So why is door drop marketing good?


The distribution of materials can be done in bulk, making it easier for companies to reach a larger audience within a shorter period of time.



It offers a cost-effective way of advertising, as it is usually cheaper than other forms of marketing like television and radio advertisements. Unlike other forms of advertising like television and radio, there are no airtime costs associated with door drop marketing. Companies also have the option to design and print the marketing materials themselves, further reducing the cost of advertising.



Door drop marketing also allows companies to target specific groups of people based on location, demographics, and other factors, making it a more targeted approach to marketing. For example, a company selling home appliances can target homeowners in a specific location, while a company selling baby products can target homes with newborns or toddlers.



Door drop marketing can offer a personalized touch to advertising. By sending physical materials directly to the homes of potential customers, companies can create a sense of exclusivity and engagement. It also enables companies to create a relationship with customers, as they hold your brand in their hands, and can file it away for later.



Door drop marketing can generate an immediate response. Unlike other forms of advertising, where the results may not be immediate, door drop marketing can prompt customers to act immediately. For example, a flyer promoting a sale may encourage customers to make a purchase immediately, rather than waiting for a later date.


Want to learn a bit more about the LDM approach to door drop? Visit our door drop service page. All the information you could ever wish for awaits you there.